Governing Documents

Hidden Lake Villas
Condominium Association, Inc.

The Declaration states:

The rights and obligations of the Association towards it members;
The rights and obligations of each member towards the Association.

The Articles of Incorporation state:

The general powers and structure of the Association.

The By-laws state:

How the business affairs of the Association are conducted.

The Rules and Regulations state:

Required Conduct that helps assure a pleasant living
experience for residents and guests.
     Contained herein are:

     •   Certificate of Recordation
     •   Declarations of Condominium
     •   Articles of Incorporation
     •   By-Laws
     •   Rules & Regulations     ***Updated***
     •   Amendments since July 23, 2002
     •   Exhibit A
     •   Exhibits B, C, D, E & F
     •   Exhibit G    ***Updated***
     •   Exhibits H, I, J, K & L     ***Updated***
     •   Exhibit M

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers    ***Updated***


Hidden Lake villas is the oldest and largest condominium complex within the Park Shore area of Naples, Florida (Park Shore Unit Number One). Eight residential buildings three stories high (30 units/building) surround a lake with a fountain on beautifully landscaped grounds flush with palm trees, hardwoods, hedges, bushes and flowers. Amenities include a large pool, 2 tennis courts, a Clubhouse, outdoor grills and a well-established community with a tradition of neighborliness.